Beauty From Japan: New Secret Ingredient, Yokuinin


One thing I know for sure is that most skincare innovations come from the Orient. The BB and CC creams were born in Korea. And the cosmetic layering? It was first applied by the Japanese! While the Occident has a hand put on makeup (even though the tendency is starting to change), it’s Asia that welcomes the purest skincare pearls into this world. And what’s the newcomer we’re talking about today? Its little name is Yokuinin, but what is it exactly?

Suzu Hirose

Yokuinin is an ingredient extracted from rice ladle that, when ripen, can achieve numerous cosmetic prowess. It was long used as a medical treatment to cure warts but Japanese beauty researchers have recently found it offers hydrating, anti-inflammatory and regenerating capacities. That’s it, the new magical powder that boosts today’s beauty potions they concoct in Japan.


Hollywood Roppongi Hills appears to be the first cosmetic brand that tried to popularize yokuinin through its natural EX line. Japanese women are crazy about smoothness and brightness and they made it their new beauty partner in crime. Today, many brands are trying to domesticate the ingredient which multiplies into essences, night or massage creams all over the island. It has a promising future as it helps skin look younger and stronger while reinforcing its barrier to prevent external harassment. That’s what I call an all-in-one ingredient for a five stars routine.

Have you heard of yokuinin before? Don’t you wanna achieve Japanese women’s flawless skin? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and join the crew by subscribing to the blog.

5 Replies to “Beauty From Japan: New Secret Ingredient, Yokuinin”

    1. Hey Lona,
      That is actually true, and it’s a bit sad, because Japanese women should be universal examples to follow when it comes to beauty. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Japan, but for having lived there, I can tell you I rarely saw pimples on a face… they’re genius.


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