Tiffany Hwang: From Girl’s Generation to Individual Style Icon




That is probably the most solid yet most evolving aspect of one’s character. It grows through travels, encounters, the stories we hear and the experiences we live. It’s deep rooted into our souls but not innate, yet it’s eternal in a sense that it rarely fades away. It ripens, but never rots.

There is also no specific rule to develop style, as it is very different with fashion trends. Fashion trends play short-term while style, once you catch it, lasts forever. Some are almost born with it and create their own trademark at a very young age, but others (and I’m a member of that club), need a little more exploring. Do you know who is also a member of that club? Tiffany Hwang, the gorgeous Korean singer from Kpop legend group Girl’s Generation (or SNSD) who just launched her solo debut with ‘I Just Wanna Dance’.

I’ve seen Tiffany’s style evolve in a very interesting way. Following the image of Korea’s supersonic development after war, the US-born singer kicked off a fashion ascension that sets the example. I was always passionate with what celebrities wear and I find analyzing their codes very fun. Hence I always had an eye on SNSD members’ fashion stories, especially with the demonstration of Jessica’s, Seohyun’s and Sooyoung’s incredibly tasteful wardrobes. Tiffany was, unfortunately, one of those members I did not understand. But that was until a couple of years ago, when she suddenly stepped up her game.

Introducing her new fashion persona with a splendid Valentino dress, she imposed herself as the obvious laureate for one of my ‘Best dressed this week’ columns (when I was a fashion editor at bntnews, you can check here). Since then, she ultimately rose to be one of today’s fashion icons to follow.

From Shapeless To Shameless

Hwang is not your basic Korean super-skinny girl group member. But she spent too many years hiding her beautiful silhouette behind shapeless pieces of clothing. Untailored jackets, floating untucked tank tops and non-tailored shirts wide open. There was no room for her ‘curves’ to show and shine, and it was also because pairing up separates isn’t an easy task either.

Today, Tiffany knows her assembling. She especially knows how to play the right cards for a decent quinte flush: tailoring, individuality, colors, nobility and last but not least, comfort. There’s no way you can lose with these. While she used to commit numerous faux pas with prints and fabrics, she is becoming a pro and can even school you on how to mix tulle with thick wool.


Haute Shopping At Tiffany’s

Now you can browse the star’s Instagram account or reach for her friends’, you’ll see she’s always wearing the pieces you covet. Be it Parisian classic or Italian chic, American free-spirit or Korean streetwear, Tiffany has become this girl who appropriates any style. Between poses with Victoria Beckham and flights to Paris to attend fashion week, she develops a look that incorporates mature and regressive influences, bright colors and monotone pieces, denim and noble fabrics. The best of ingredients for the best of contemporary style recipe: versatility.

Following fellow Korean style icons such as Kwon Ji Yong/G-Dragon and CL, Tiffany is also a favorite of Western designers to invite to their shows. And like most other celebrities sitting front row, the singer always attends in style. And you better run if you need another proof that Tiffany’s fashion worth and confidence have turned her into a bankable babe.

Had you noticed Tiffany’s style evolution? I bet you did. Share your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also connect with me on Instagram for a step into my style journey.

2 Replies to “Tiffany Hwang: From Girl’s Generation to Individual Style Icon”

  1. The thing about Tiffany is that in her normal interactions, music, or style, she doesn’t shy away from expressing what she likes and her individuality. In fact, she’s actually very vocal about what she likes, even more so as she grows through the years, regardless of whether the common mass share the same sentiment or not. That’s one of the best things about her in my opinion.

    How does one judge another person’s taste when it comes from the heart. She doesn’t chase after what people think is better for her or play it safe in a boring zone. With Tiffany, you can see a lot, and you can see a lot in a lot of angles. When you follow her, it’s like a roller coaster of experience. She’s never consistently a straight line and maybe that’s what so alluring about her that one always keeps tab, some with out even knowing.

    Love her or hate her, she just demands your attention. She’s really a full blown Leo walking into the room. People can praise or curse, you just can’t seem to ignore this girl.

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