Review of Jayjun Cosmetics Black Water Brightening Mask


What is your idea of a whitening sheet mask? That it’s white. But Korea is always here to prove you wrong when it comes to beauty prejudices. One of the leading countries of today’s beauty tech and trends, South Korea always treats you with innovative ideas on how to take care of your skin, bringing new thrills into your girly life.

I was offered a sample of Jayjun Cosmetics’ Black Water Brightening Mask Pack which actually contains the three steps of your regular (minimum) skincare routine: a cleansing foam, an essence and a mask sheet (that’s the black part!)

Jayjun cosmetic was founded by a group of plastic surgeons, dermatologist and professional cosmetics researchers under the slogan “Responsible for Beauty” and on the principle of fundamentally resolving women’s problem, skin-aging, and making skin younger.

The orange and brown packaging of the sachet strangely reminded me of Klairs’ Mayu cream’s although it contains no horse material. As expected from a dermatologist and surgeon-issued product, the ingredient list is full of suspicious names – it does contain ethanol too. One of the main ingredients is also glycerin, which is good as it promises hydration. This mask sheet claims to brighten and reduce the signs of aging.

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As explained above, the sachet is divided into three compartments. There is enough cleansing foam for a good wash, and enough essence for a regularly sized face. However, I have to admit that the only thing that I liked about this product is the mask sheet. I felt like the foam and essence were quite unnecessary. The first lathers a lot yet leaves the skin pretty dry with an impression of lifting while the latter is extremely thick which my skin found very difficult to absorb. That being said, the sheet was quite enjoyable.

It was my first time trying on a black mask sheet. The material of this product is super thick and soft, and it is deeply soaked in a rather thick essence too. I prefer lighter essences but this wasn’t a problem as it just felt natural with this thick sheet on my face. Their advice is to apply it for 10 to 20 minutes, I think I kept it 15. I usually keep my Innisfree sheets for 30 minutes but this one was new and with my very sensitive skin (like super sensitive, you can click here if you don’t believe me) I am twice more careful when trying a new product for the first time. During the 15 minutes of pampering, I went back into my current book and I just couldn’t see the time fly. It didn’t feel itchy nor drying, and the sheet was still quite wet when I took it off!

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Trying to look in a sheet mask always is a struggle

Results-wise, I won’t be able to tell you about long-term effects but it’s true that the skin felt more supple and brighter after one use. Now, did it have an impact on my aging? One time hardly would. The positive point is that I didn’t break out, on the opposite it soothed a « girl pimple » that I had on my chin for a couple of days. I don’t know if I will ever purchase it on my own, but it surely isn’t a ‘NO WAY’. More like a ‘WHY NOT’. If they ever make a mask-only edition.

Have you ever tried a black sheet mask? What’s the most original sheet mask you ever tried? Tell me in the comment section below. We can also connect on Instagram and become friends. If you liked this post, don’t forget to join the crew and subscribe for regular beauty and fashion updates.

Disclosure: this product was given to me for trial purposes by the future kbeauty shopping site Avenue Koko. This review shows 100% honest opinion and was influenced by no mean.

3 Replies to “Review of Jayjun Cosmetics Black Water Brightening Mask”

  1. I tried black sheet masks before, but I prefer regular cotton ones. I didn’t try this brand though!
    My favorite sheetmask masks are the 3CE Water Wrapping Facial Mask and the Moonlab Real Cooling Thermometer Masks.


  2. I’ve tried a gold hydrogel mask before, but not a black one! It looks cool! However, I’m pretty sure the pH of the cleansing foam is too high! (Since you said it was drying and lots of foam cleansers unfortunately do have high pH!). When I tried a 3-step mask I also found the cleanser quite unnecessary for the same reason.


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