Breathe like a Parisienne

And I was back home. I spent a whole week in Paris early January, a year after my last visit to my most familiar and comfortable place on Earth. And boy, despite the pollution and heavy cloud of fine dust floating above the city, the air was so fresh.


It was a very busy week – from friends to work to homework – and I couldn’t see everyone that I wanted to see nor do all the things that I wanted to do but I had a great time running around the 8th  and 3rd arrondissements, le Marais and the Opera, eating vegetarian burritos with Makeup Forever Academy makeup artist Louise Loctin who is, besides her applause-worthy talent, an old and good friend of mine and the MUA on this shoot. Oh, and I also spent the New Year’s Eve in a beautiful house in Picardie, a rural area of France not too far from the capital, with two of the most amazing women I know (and it was so fulfilling to spend quality time with them again).


Also, I had discovered a new Parisian label between my two visits, and I thought it was just the perfect occasion to go greet them. Soi Paris is a young, very French brand that specializes in silk shirts and dresses that actually tell a story. Founded by two sisters, Julia and Aurélie, it revisits their childhood – from the salad recipe of their grandmother to their fluffy animals to their child art – into adorable prints (see below for a few examples of what they do). They’re slowly growing (they have a corner at Printemps) so they also started expanding their spectrum with cotton pants and zipped skirts that are just super adorable.

Being the animal fanatic that I am, I had to get the Zoo shirt (above), which is of a deep blue and printed with tons of cute little animals. And, being the weak woman that I am, I had to purchase the skirt when I visited their store rue Charlot (and now I want the dress). I am definitely wearing both as a total look and taking pictures soon. They’re currently holding sales on their website so I do recommend you go have a look!


I shot this look with Jean-Philippe Joseph, the great street style photographer from Fierce & Cold and behind the menswear Paris Fashion Week FW17 spread on GQ Spain (I hope you clicked). I hadn’t had a shoot with a professional photographer in ages and I gotta admit I was a little awkward (and you see this hair, it was really bad just on that day, I was struggling so hard) but we eventually took a few shots that were useable. You tell me. For the little story, we found an empty street and thought we could just take pictures there to play with the length and depth of the street and parked cars around me but as soon as we started to work cars kept coming from everywhere and we almost died at least 3 times.

Shirt: Soi Paris ⎮Skirt: Topshop ⎮Coat : Thrifted ⎮ Scarf : Vintage Balmain ⎮ Earpieces : Vintage Chanel

Now don’t forget to go check out Louise on Instagram just here and J-P just here. And Soi Paris, here, of course. You can also join me there, by clicking here, if you’re not tired of clicking.

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