Celebration of Companies Who Care… For Sustainability


I hear that March 18 is the day to celebrate corporate happiness. Companies who treat their employees well, where working is a fun experience filled with beautiful moments of monarchs flying inside your belly and rainbows falling from the always clear blue sky. Shorter and less poetic: March 18 apparently is the day to celebrate Google. But hey, isn’t the environment as good as a cause? Because companies who care also care for Earth and all its inhabitants, here are three businesses that thrive in sustainability.

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Photo: Amore Pacific

Pure air, pure soil, pure green tea. Amore Pacific is the mother group of Innisfree, which you may know if you’ve been reading this blog, and one of the pillars of the sustainable cosmetic industry in Asia. Handpicked ingredients, clean energy, eco-friendly development and animal advocacy – this is the group that combines success and respect of nature like no one else does. They stopped testing on animals and even extended this policy to their suppliers – talk about changing the world. Visit their site.


Photo: People Tree

Featured in the shocking and life-changing documentary ‘The True Cost’ which shows the horror of the fast-fashion industry, starting with the Rana Plaza case, People Tree is a clothing brand that believes in the power of Fair Trade. Respecting all the requirements of a Fair Trade organization, fighting for Earth-friendly and Human-friendly alternatives to fashion, the brand even develops, amongst many actions that aim at reducing if not annihilating waste – its own sustainable fabrics and process. A must-know and must-visit.


Photo: Nike

Giants also do their part in the sustainable game. Nike previously issued a report stating that they are willing to attain 100% usage of renewable energy in their facilities by fiscal year 2025 as well as zero manufacturing waste by fiscal year 2020. But Nike isn’t only about promises, it’s about results and facts as the American footwear mogul reportedly managed to reduce carbon emission by 19% on a per-unit basis, according to Fortune. Also, 71% of Nike footwear is made of recycled materials. So many boxes to check on the For A Better World form.

What is your sustainable footprint? Share your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for short but useful and fun daily contents.

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