French Literature to your Deadly Sinner Friends


I hear that March 19 is the day to celebrate intimate reading. Established by the Child Rights Foundation, this day is all about showing love through the passing of stories enchanted or not. First dedicated to children, this day quickly expanded to take in consideration young and less young adults who don’t seem to quite get the charms of a good book. The opportunity for you to bond with your friends and even your ennemies. Here are seven French literature books to read to your favorite deadly sinner, the one always keeping you offtrack.

SLOTH huis clos (no exit), jean paul sartre

to read to : your lazy friend who never puts words into actions, or this one person who thinks that remaining in their comfort zone is the ultimate solution to happiness.

because: « hell is other people » or hell is when you’re never doing new things on your own or never doing new things at all.

PRIDE beauté fatale (fatale beauty), mona chollet 

to read to: the little girl logging in to ANA forums, the woman who confuses billboards with mirrors and can’t stop comparing her reflection with Kendall Jenner’s latest Fendi campaign.

because: the beauty industry can be infectious. and however the willpower and however the luck at the gene lottery, no one has this velvet skin on Lancôme’s advertising.

GLUTTONY antispéciste (antispecist), aymeric caron

to read to: that one person, pro-meat, climate change sceptic who believes that mother Earth and its animals were made only to serve man.

because: there is much more than our species on Earth and there is only good in finding a companion, not a meal, in animals.

LUST bel ami, guy de maupassant

to read to: the fuckboy next door.

because: there is unfortunately a downside to having several lovers at a time and at the end of the day this generally affects the player not the pawns.

GREED antéchrista (antichrista), amélie nothomb (ok she’s belgian but she writes in french)

to read to: that pathological liar who would make up any story to impress anyone and work their way out in any situation.

because: lying is a bad thing, lying is a sin, but hey it would still be ok if only the stories matched.

WRATH les sirènes de bagdad (the sirens of bagdad), yasmina khadra (ok he’s algerian but he also writes in French)

to read to: your friend who keeps their blood pressure super high for no reason and reacts violently to ordinary situation such as the last Harry Potter book being bad.

because: being a human bomb is no good – if you explode you die, if you don’t you’re frustrated and frustrating and you need Freud time.

ENVY madame bovary, gustave flaubert

to read to: this one lady who sees the grass always greener on the other side, or the snow whiter or the sand more gold.

because: to focus only on what others possess and do is the trap that leads to failure, insecurities, and displeasure. and shouldn’t life be about enjoying this intimate moment between only you and your cat? And boredom is the lamest reason for suicide.

What’s your deadly sin? Who would you read these books to? Make your list in the comment section below and let’s talk about it.

Photo: Bel Ami, the movie.

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