who we are

I don’t do regular fashion and beauty blogging. I save looks for Instagram.

This blog is to embrace what’s behind (and beyond) your regular fashion and beauty inspiration posts (which we also all need, let’s be honest).

At PRETTY NOT, we (as in you and I) are to study the inner layers of both industries, with strongly opinionated reviews and deciphering. We are to embark together on a flying limo (I just woke up from a weekend of Altered Carbon, please allow me some adjusting time) traveling through the realms of clothing and its meaning, of beauty and its perceptions, of art and its influence over the way we think, we conceive, we live.

It’s 2018 baby and time to realize that there’s more than pretty to fashion and beauty, to women in general, and to men too. There’s depth, and emotion, and liability sometimes. There’s shame, and misunderstandings, and also mistakes. Last but not least, there’s innovation, progress, and hope.

PRETTY NOT is brought to you by Nawael Khelil, former fashion and beauty editor in Seoul, specialist of all things Asian beauty, and IFM alumnae & currently working for L’Oréal.

Academic resume includes a first thesis entitled “We have one black model already, the entrenchment of the ideal of white beauty in the fashion media”, and a second thesis entitled “Aesthetic appropriations, the standardization of beauty around Asia following the South Korean pattern.”

Contact: khelil.nawael@gmail.com

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